Ken & Jerilyn Bayer

Family History

Jerilyn says, "Growing up in Brazil was the best thing for me.  As a family, we always served together.  We would go on evangelistic meetings, sing together, share and Dad would preach.  Whenever an altar call was given, we would all counsel -- my mom counseled the women; my dad, the men; my brother, the boys; and I would counsel the girls.  These special meetings warmed my heart and I knew I wanted to lead people to Christ as long as I lived."
The Bayers were appointed to Brazil in 1983, and they are involved in directing Chain of Love: Children Abandoned and In Need of Love Homes.

What is Chain of Love?

Lyndell Campbell

Lyndell Dawn Campbell and Paulo André Réquia were united in marriage at Central Baptist Church (in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil) on Saturday, November 27, 2010. Pray that that God would use them as a couple for His glory.
Lyndell explains about her name change: "For now my name will remain the same in the northern hemisphere until I can get there to see about making official changes, but as for in the future, it will be Lyndell Dawn Campbell Réquia.  The actual pronunciation in Portuguese is 'heckya' with emphasis on the first syllable.  I guess in english it would be 'wreckya' with the emphasis on the first syllable again.  Hope that helps!"
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Missionary Birthday: 
Nov 07
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