Sarah Loane

Mrs. Sarah Loane of Sioux Falls, SD, is an NAB missionary appointee (Jan 25, 2011) who will serve as Coordinator/Trainer with Gateway Teams and will provide specialization to the growing Hispanic opportunities for mission partnerships.

Sarah has been an NABer for most of her life.  She has served as an intern with Gateway. She has devoted her education to cross culture studies and missions, and speaks both Spanish and Portuguese. What a perfect fit for our growing edge of missions in Brazil, Paraguay, Argentina, and Mexico.

Randy & Shelly Schmor

Gateway Teams - Randy is Director, Shelly is Co-Director.

A Gateway Team is a group of growing Christians sent by an NAB church or other NAB institution to an NAB mission project, church, or other approved site. The purpose of a Gateway Team is to see ministry happen:

Nick and Iris

Nick and Iris are pioneering a new work in East Asia. They have a tremendous opportunity to equip leaders on the campus of an important University. These leaders will then be challenged to replicate the things they are learning on impact trips throughout the region.

Home Assignment: July 2012 – Feb 2013
Begin in East Asia: March 2013.

Anniversary - May 14

Birthday -
Nick - October 22
Iris - September 6

Missionaries in Restricted Countries

We have missionaries in restricted countries. Listing their names on our website would place them in physical danger. If you would like to contribute to one of the missionaries, use the giving link on this page and enter the missionaries name into the "in honor of" box.

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