Leadership on Mission - August 23, 2016

Planning Your Church Budget for Maximum Effectiveness

by Richard Brown
NAB Vice President of Ministry Support, CFO

Leadership on Mission—August 16, 2016

Mission Trip Detox

by Stu Streeter
NAB Vice President of Advancement

Leadership On Mission–August 9, 2016

Serving Up Our Best

by Norm Poehlke
NAB Vice President of Ministry Outreach

In July we had about thirty leaders from the NAB gathering together in Kananaskis, Alberta, for a series of strategic meetings. I had the privilege of facilitating one day of discussions on the topic of church planting. As much as I am encouraged by the work we accomplished together, I think I am even more encouraged by how the work was done.

Leadership on Mission–July 26, 2016

The Fruit of Being Missional
by Cam Roxburgh
NAB Vice President of Missional Initiatives

Every church a church planting church, every Christian a church planter

Leadership on Mission – July 19, 2016

Church Planters: Not the Competition
by Kent Carlson

NAB Vice President of Leadership Formation

Leadership on Mission - June 7, 2016

Defeating Disillusionment in the Summer

by Stu Streeter
NAB Vice President of Advancement

Additional Resources

Resources! As a pastor, I rely heavily on resources to help me grow as a leader. Books … articles … contacts … you name it! Below you'll find several free resources provided by the NAB as well as a link to amazon.com where you can purchase recommended books to help you grow in leadership. It's good to know that we don't have to navigate the waters of leadership alone. Others have passed this way and we can glean from their experiences.




Level 5—Join the Journey

VantagePoint3 is a ministry committed to providing resources and processes which help deepen and empower adult believers in local settings. Their approach invites a unique learning experience around three questions: Who is God? Who am I? What does God desire to do through my life? The concern of VantagePoint3 is to help followers of Jesus deepen their followership, and at the same time stir within them a desire and ability to lead in a more Christian manner. Growing toward maturity is a slow and deep work. VantagePoint3 provides a process to help you walk alongside others in this important work of discipleship within the church in North America.

Level 4—Equip a Team

If it’s true that everything rises and falls on leadership, then it’s imperative to be developing leaders… especially in the church. A number of churches have implemented a leadership development process using EQUIP by John Maxwell and LeaderShift by Don Cousins. Both are phenomenal resources through which you will see tremendous growth in your leaders and their leadership. EQUIP focuses primarily on the issues of character and skill. LeaderShift provides a strategy for building teams and developing people for the work of ministry.

Level 3—Form a Group

Life Transformation most often begins with biblical Information in the context of authentic community relationships. Greg Ogden’s book Discipleship Essentials is a great guide to build lives in Christ. The twenty-four studies cover many of the key issues necessary to help a person move toward spiritual maturity. Useable as a personal or small group study guide, some of our NAB leaders have found that the churches receiving the greatest value from this resource are those that use it in the context of “reproducible triads.” Three men or women study the material together as peers with the understanding that after completion of the study, each participant will then recruit and help two new people learn and apply the same material. The reproducible accountability format maximizes both learning and application.

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