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Calvary Baptist Church
Killaloe, Ontario
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Full TIme
Job Description:

The pastor shall preach the Gospel; be a Godly man devoted to prayer; and build life long follwers of Christ.The pastor models the qualities outlined below:

  • 1 Timothy 3:1-7. Administer the ordinances; watch over the membership; promote the spiritual interests of the church; organize and develop its strength for the best possible service. The pastor should have a mentoring style of leadership with a passion for people and for God’s work in and through the church. To develop leaders, be encouraging and lead by example in words and deeds in serving and sharing the gospel.  He shall be a member of all committees and boards of the church and its auxiliary organizations. It is not necessary to be present at all meetings but to be aware of board's functions and goals as they work towards attaining.
  • Continue the spiritual growth of the flock through Sunday service messages and Wednesday evening Bible studies. Provide baptism class and spiritual growth with candidates. Offer counseling or opportunities for members or adherence to speak to the pastor of personal issues. Perform weddings and funerals as requested. Work in conjunction with funeral home for backup to funerals that may be requested.
  • Works closely with the Deacons Board, planning of the church ministries, service formats, and devotes time with the board to prayer for the flock, ministries, the association, the community and all other aspects of our church. The pastor should be committed to The North American Baptist Conference and its beliefs.
Job Requirements:

Some key areas to maintain:

            Visitation- for the membership, adherence of the church, those in hospitals, homes, and any special cases that my be directed from the deacons board.

            Music Committee- an active role on the board,(not necessarily heading up the committee), develops music goals for the church, groups or individuals talents, music for each Sunday service, and any special events musically based.

            Ex Officio to - these ministries of the church that will need a shepherd to be present, active or able to be called apon as the needs may arise.

* SUNDAY SCHOOL *, and * DVBS *,. It may be as teacher, spiritual guidance, special event helper or any duty that may be called apon that a pastor could aid  in.

            Camp Pastor- spends a week during camp time as pastor. Attends meetings during off season in the direction of camp ministries for the upcoming season.

            VECA- active with area VECA Pastors as they meet and prepare events for our churches. Cultivates positive relationships with other churches. (Valley Evangelical Church’s Association)

            Eastern Association- attends meetings with other pastors during the year. Attends the annual meeting in the fall. Is the liaison between the information from the association monthly updates, initiatives, and prayer requests to our church. Attends pastor and wife retreat and all associations events.  

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Calvary Baptist Church
Attn: Brent Hartwig
148 Queen St.
Killaloe, ON K0J 2A0
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