Partnered in Prayer This time last year, Dan, our then interim executive director, made a heartfelt and directed "Call to Prayer" for our conference of churches. The response was overwhelming and encouraging as we gathered all over North America and beyond to lift the name of Jesus high and listen for the Spirit's whispers. Again, Dan is calling us to pray and inviting us into intimacy with God. Keep a look out in the next few weeks for your PARTNERED IN PRAYER materials designed to serve you and your congregation as you seek the presence of God in these days.
Regional Ministers' Orientation The International Office was full of activity this past week as a number of our regional ministers joined us for a few days of orientation, training, and brainstorming. The Kingdom work before us is great and the partnership between the International Office and the regions has never been stronger as we look forward to ways we can serve together.  Thanksgiving Devotionals
End of Fiscal Year Giving At the North American Baptist International office, we close our current financial fiscal year on August 31. God has been faithful in helping meet our needs over the last year, especially in the area of international missions. Our general giving to support other North American ministries and administrative needs has been slightly down this fiscal year.
Triennial Moments and Memories The photos and videos from Triennial are now available!! Many of you have asked for the videos from the various Triennial speaking sessions, as well as to see all the photos that were taken. They are now uploaded and available for you, but we thought those who couldn't join us would also love to see them. You can find them HERE 
Triennial Moments and Memories God is moving NAB into a new season of ministry and cooperation. Among all the other exciting themes of the 2015 Triennial Conference, this refrain was heard repeatedly from participants and leaders in Sacramento. Outside speakers like Reggie McNeal, Mark Buchanan, and Dave Johnson painted the truth of God’s word directly on our minds and hearts. Our NAB speakers—Cam Roxburgh, Norm Poehlke, and Dan Hamil—provided both biblical and practical examples of how God is moving churches toward a missionary endeavor in their neighborhoods.
Triennial “We gather as God’s people in God’s presence to listen to God’s voice, to learn from His word, and to love generously on each other.” With these words, Dr. Dan Hamil established the purpose for the 2015 Triennial Conference in Sacramento, California. Over a five day period, a wonderful group of pastors, leaders, missionaries, international partners, church members, and friends experienced the movement of the Holy Spirit as they were reminded that God has “sent” us all outward to proclaim His gospel as missionary people.
Lee & Beta Taylor Headed to Cameroon Last year the Taylors got the chance to visit Rain Forest International School to explore longer term missions opportunities, and without a doubt, God confirmed that He wanted them there. On the last day of their short stay in Yaoundé, He revealed that there was a position open to teach physical education and coach several sports at the school for one year. Then He led them to a local children’s volleyball ministry in need of a woman leader. Lee teaches P.E. and Beta is a volleyball coach!
NEW INTERNATIONAL MISSIONARIES We wanted to give you a quick update on our 3 newest international missionary couples.  Bud & Lois
TRIENNIAL ANNOUNCEMENTS Conference Registration: We have extended registration until June 10th! Please register for the conference and any special events you wish to attend no later than June 10th. 
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