Ken & Jerilyn Bayer

Family History

Jerilyn says, "Growing up in Brazil was the best thing for me.  As a family, we always served together.  We would go on evangelistic meetings, sing together, share and Dad would preach.  Whenever an altar call was given, we would all counsel -- my mom counseled the women; my dad, the men; my brother, the boys; and I would counsel the girls.  These special meetings warmed my heart and I knew I wanted to lead people to Christ as long as I lived."
The Bayers were appointed to Brazil in 1983, and they are involved in directing Chain of Love: Children Abandoned and In Need of Love Homes.

What is Chain of Love?

Chain of Love began in 1993, when a community of people in the city of Novo Hamburgo, Brazil was awakened to the plight of street children. The decision to organize for the purpose of bringing hope where there was despair; joy where there was sadness; and healing where there was pain, was driven by a desire to make a difference by creating a holistic foster care program designed to address the deplorable conditions.  Ken says of children in the city, "Everywhere we turned, they were there...very obvious and sometimes stumbled over...yet purposefully avoided and ignored."

Homes were constructed and staffed with foster parents. Each couple accepted ten children in addition to their own, and agreed to raise them to adulthood and independence. Attention is given to the needs of foster parents as well so that they will have the time and energy to meet the needs of their children. Presently there are eighty-one children in Chain of Love being nurtured in loving and caring homes. The age range at this time is from one to twenty-one years. The foster parents and the larger Chain of Love community work to meet the physical, social, spiritual, and psychological needs of the children placed in their care.

Recent News from Chain of Love... Thank you for your sustaining prayers and support. This has been our life-line in the midst of the unknown as well as challenging moments.

Chain of Love's need is still great, and your help is urgently needed.  You can become involved in this ministry by praying regularly, sponsoring a child, supporting the ministry, volunteering, and being part of a short-term missions team.

Anniversary - August 2

Ken - July 19
Jerilyn - January 26
Julissa - April 6

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