László Daróczi

László Daróczi​ (Laci) holds the position of Master Trainer with the Misszió az Egészséges Közösségekért (MEK) Team in Hungary. As a Master Trainer he is responsible to educate himself by taking and learning to teach advanced Community Health Evangelism training modules. He then passes this training along to CHE leaders and workers in Hungarian-speaking areas through vision conferences, training seminars, and development courses.

With his extensive background in farming and construction, Laci serves as the MEK Team specialist in the fields of agriculture, husbandry, technical and mechanical development. He is currently overseeing the start up of MEK’s biomass fuel-for-the-poor program.

Laci is also the MEK Project Leader for the holistic development program beginning in the Roma community in Boldog, Hungary.

As with the rest of the MEK team members, Laci is responsible for promoting Christian holistic development ministry to agencies and churches working with the poor in Hungary.

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