Missionary / Church Planter of the Week

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Missionary / Church Planter of the Week:  

July 27, 2014 – Ron and Jeannie Seck, NAB Missionary, Hungary

Ron and Jeannie Seck have been NAB missionaries since 2011. They work with Community Health Evangelism (CHE) to produce healthy Christians, churches, and communities among the Roma in Hungary, Serbia, Romania, and Croatia. God is working through them in the Gypsy “nation” of Central Europe. When Gypsies come to Christ, their plight is still desperate. They are despised, under-educated, unemployed, prematurely aged with disease, and often without hope. They need Christian discipleship that is “wholistic” — touching every area of their lives: spiritual, physical, emotional, economic, educational, social, and more. The Secks connect these Roma villages with a Bible-based strategy of Community Health Evangelism. Please keep the Secks and Roma people in your prayers as they serve. For more information, visit http://nabconference.org/missions/ron-jeannie-seck.



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