Church Multiplication Resource Team (CMRT)

When a church is ready to multiply by planting a new church, we face a whole new set of challenges. We have a team of experienced church planters who act as a resource team, ready to walk along side of you in the same three areas of ...

  1. Assessment
    We offer church planter assessments to ensure the potential planter is best suited for the unique and overwhelming demands of planting a church.
  2. Training
    We provide a deeper level of training for church planters so that they are fluent in all aspects of the Irreducible Core, the mission of Christ, and how the church can best participate in that mission.
  3. Coaching
    We have experienced church planters who are also certified coaches so every church planting couple has the support they need to take positive steps forward.

SUYW logoShake Up Your World (SUYW) is a dedicated donor program for the work of church planting. To financially support this ministry, go to SUYW.


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