North American Baptist Conference Weekly Update - July 05, 2011


The summer is in full swing for the North American Baptist Conference family! This month our young people will gather in masses at YG ’11 in Southern California. PRAY that God will move mightily.

One year from now we’ll meet in Orlando for the NAB 50th Triennial. We have a great price at the beautiful Peabody Hotel.

Japan Disaster Update from NAB Field Director Paul Ewing

Dear Brothers and Sister in Christ Jesus,

Greetings from Japan! As Paul wrote in Philemon, I thank God for you because your love has put your generosity to work and through it good things are being done for Christ. (Philemon 1:4-7). In particular your response to the unimaginable disaster that struck Japan in early March has refreshed the hearts of many and is helping to lead even more to a knowledge and faith of our Lord Jesus Christ. Hallelujah!

North American Baptist Conference: The “NEXT” Steps

At the direction of the General Council that met in 2010, the North American Baptist Conference began a study of the future of the Conference. George Bullard was hired to lead us through the process, and after much discussion and deliberation, a summary of our findings was shared with the General Council in 2011.

Video Testimony from Amy on YouTube about YG'11

Watch Amy Ortega on YouTube talking about her experience in YG'08 Nashville and motivating people to attend YG'11 OVERFLOW in Orange County, California!


NAB India Team Prayer Guide

Beginning Jan 30 through Feb 10, 2011 - NAB India Team Members will visit India and meet with various ministry leaders.  Last fall this team was assembled to help test the soil for ministry in Northern India. They have reviewed a number of ministries in India with whom North American Baptist Conference churches already have a relationship.

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