NAB UPDATE - November 13, 2012

Moderator’s Musings – Nov 2012 General Council & Executive Committee Meetings


As the board gathered for our first meeting of the current triennium it was great to welcome new members to the Executive Committee (although we do lament the moving on of the others!). With a new member-at-large nominee appointed by the General Council we are now at full compliment. Here are your officers and Executive Committee members for the next 3 years: Bev Smith, Randy Jaspers, Gary Asbach and George Ridley – Members-at-Large; Jackie Loewer – Treasurer; Steve Newman – Vice Moderator; Bernie Kamutzki – Past Moderator; Bob Fast – Moderator and Rob McCleland your Executive Director and CEO.

In additional to the normal business items that required attention, a few highlights from this November meeting include:

NAB UPDATE - October 29, 2012

This update serves as both an informational resource and as a prayer request. This Thursday, November 1, 2012, through Saturday, November 3, 2012 the Executive Committee of the North American Baptist Conference will be meeting at the International Office in Roseville, CA. In addition, the General Council of the North American Baptist Conference will meet via conference call on Friday, November 2, 2012.  Please pray that God would guide and direct NAB leadership during these important meeting.

Please go to if you would like to see a list of those who serve of the Executive Committee and the General Council.

NAB UPDATE - October 8, 2012

Fall ushers in a busy travel season for the International Office in Roseville, CA. Listed here are simply a few activities that are occurring now and in the coming weeks.

NAB UPDATE - September 25, 2012

This last week, both Calvin and Susie Hohn, missionaries in Cameroon, and Chris and Ingrid Kidd, missionaries in Brazil, were at the International Office to spend time debriefing and planning with Norm Poehlke. From the reports given by both of these couples, NAB missionaries in both Cameroon and Brazil are serving God faithfully and seeing fruit from their Spirit led efforts.

NAB Update - September 10, 2012

Greetings from the NAB International Office!

I am guessing the focus for many of us has already shifted to fall ministries… cooler weather… pumpkin spice latte’s… audit... well, maybe not the audit, but that is the reality for some of us.

Audit season has arrived yet again for NAB staff! September 1st launched us into a brand new financial year, but unfortunately the transition does not just happen that quickly. The coming weeks will be focused on year-end closing procedures, including final gift posting, expense processing, reconciling accounts, and assembling unbelievable amounts of documents for the auditors. For the first time in over eight years we have a new audit firm, so this year will be more time intensive as we bring the new auditors “up to speed” on NAB and our operations.

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