Leadership Newsletter - February 2014

How Is Your Focus?


The early church as described in the book of Acts lived incredibly in one accord, displaying doctrinal, financial, and ecclesiastical unity. That is until a controversy arose over unequal care between two groups of widows connected to the church. Some rightly voiced a complaint that the Hellenistic widows of the Jerusalem church “were being neglected in the daily distribution” of food (6:1). In response, the twelve Christ-appointed leaders of the church rolled up their sleeves and took to caring for these widows themselves. Or did they? No, instead they articulated clearly that they would devote themselves “to prayer and to the ministry of the word,” while designating others to oversee a just distribution system that provided care for all widows.

NAB Updates

From Dr. Rob McCleland on behalf of Bob Fast and the Executive Committee.
Following the resignation of Dr. Rob McCleland, the Executive Committee of the General Council of the North American Baptist Conference met last week to discuss the process for hiring a new executive director and also maintaining the ministry effectiveness of the International Office during the coming period of transition. Following serious deliberations and prayerful considerations, the Executive Committee announced that Dr. Rev. Dan Hamil will serve as the interim executive director of the North American Baptist Conference during the search for a permanent executive director.


Last month the NAB announced that I submitted my resignation as Executive Director of the NAB effective February 15, 2014. I have accepted the position of Executive Director with EQUIP, Leadership Inc. in Atlanta, GA. EQUIP has been a partner of ours for many years; the ministry focuses on Kingdom Leadership Development around the world. So this is my final leadership letter from the NAB.



The Inward Journey of Leadership Transitions


I have been on an inward journey that I can broadly categorize as discovery, discernment, delight, and dedication.

NAB Announces Dr. Rob McCleland's Transition to Ministry with EQUIP

The North American Baptist Conference announced today that the Executive Committee has accepted the resignation of Dr. Rob McCleland as its CEO/Executive Director effective February 15, 2014.

NAB Updates

Philippines Disaster Relief
Tony Dunaway recently returned from Tacloban, Philippines where he served with a disaster response team led by Pastor Tony Bueno and Mayette Ativo-Bueno, Director of the Bicol Center for Christian Leadership (BCCL). The devastation left by Super Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) is widespread and the needs are incredible.

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