Disconnect to Reconnect

I’m thinking about my to-do list again today. At 2:30 p.m., I have but seven of the top fifteen items crossed off. And each day, the list seems to grow longer on the page. So tomorrow, I’m going to buckle down and stop.

NAB Update

Triennial Bible Teacher Named

Boas Novas Baptist Church


NAB Updates

Here are four positive happenings in NAB for which you can praise God!

Leadership Newsletter - February 2014

How Is Your Focus?


The early church as described in the book of Acts lived incredibly in one accord, displaying doctrinal, financial, and ecclesiastical unity. That is until a controversy arose over unequal care between two groups of widows connected to the church. Some rightly voiced a complaint that the Hellenistic widows of the Jerusalem church “were being neglected in the daily distribution” of food (6:1). In response, the twelve Christ-appointed leaders of the church rolled up their sleeves and took to caring for these widows themselves. Or did they? No, instead they articulated clearly that they would devote themselves “to prayer and to the ministry of the word,” while designating others to oversee a just distribution system that provided care for all widows.

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