NAB goes to the Olympics!

Lee & Beta Taylor head to the Olympics

Leadership on Mission–July 5, 2016

Unlikely Intersections

by Stu Streeter
NAB Vice President of Advancement

This past month, my family and I got away for a week’s vacation in the beautiful mountains of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada. We rested a lot, lounging around in a beautiful cabin listening to birds sing and watching trees sway in the afternoon breeze.

NAB Update

New NAB Missionaries to Cameroon

We are pleased to announce that Jeff and Sonya

Leadership on Mission–June 28, 2016

Weathering the Monsoon of Election Season
by Dan Hamil
NAB Executive Director

In the United States, we are experiencing the monsoon season of politics, as the deluge of election communication pours down on us. There is little escaping the torrent of candidate news and political coverage. Interestingly, in the last four months as I’ve traveled extensively in Canada, many of my Canadian friends seem to be drawn with fascination into the U.S. election coverage as well, amused by the Wild West feel of this current American election cycle.

Pray for Orlando


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