2022 Spring Connections

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You prayed, and the Lord answered for an NAB church plant here in Utah. Our prayer is that this is the beginning of many more in this needy place. In Utah County, there is one evangelical church to 40,000 people. We recently visited a supporting church in a small town of 1,000 that had nine evangelical churches. There are some counties here in Utah where there is only one evangelical church.

Is the Lord speaking to your heart about joining us in the work of ministry here in Utah?

We hosted a women’s Bible study in our home, made up of several immigrants, and we saw one lady pray to receive Christ!

Recently I attended a two-day conference for pastors in the Salt Lake City area. We thank the Lord for the teamwork and unity we see here among pastors and churches across denominational lines. Over 30 churches were represented! One couple was here from Michigan, as they are traveling across the US helping and encouraging pastors and churches, and they said they have never experienced unity like here in Utah!

I remember that was so true of when we served in Cameroon. When on a mission field, you look beyond your differences and unite under the banner of Jesus!

We hosted a student-led Discovery Bible Study in our home in February and March. There were nine who regularly attended it. We thank the Lord for His Word that transforms our lives.

We look forward to visits of our support partners each spring and fall. We thank the Lord for our support partners, who understand our disappointment and postponement of a planned visits because the exorbitant costs of travel. Pray for these challenges many face in developing partnerships and support raising in these days.

Please pray for the start-up of a podcast called One True Jesus. This project, led by our son Nate, shares testimonies of lives recently transformed by Christ. Pray that many in this culture here will tune in and hear of the transforming work of the One True Jesus!

For more info, and to support this mission work in Utah, or even to send a team, visit elevationprojectut.com.

Pray for Utah! It is a mission field! In our county, only 0.5% are true believers! Please pray with and for us!

Use the URL below to contact us for training your church to reach internationals in your locale: nabconference.org/north-american-missions/equipping/nab-gateway/reaching-international-students/

If the Lord should lead you to partner with us, visit these URLs for Canadian or US donations:

Canada: https://my.nabconference.org/default.aspx?page=3432&funds=691

US: https://my.nabconference.org/default.aspx?page=3437&funds=692

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