Associate Pastor – Faith Baptist Church

Associate Pastor – Faith Baptist Church

Main purpose: The Associate Pastor will provide oversight and leadership to the Visitation, Worship, and Small Groups ministries to align with the overall vision of Faith Baptist Church.

Key responsibilities:

  1. Provide oversight, spiritual direction, and effective coordination of the Worship ministry. This includes:
    • Supporting and provide guidance to Worship leaders in selecting appropriate worship music to ensure a blended worship service (i.e., worship and praise music that is both contemporary and traditional in music styles and includes an appreciation and use of the hymnody of the church).
    • Actively and regularly recruiting, developing, and encouraging Worship leaders.
    • Overseeing and monitoring to ensure effective coordination with the Technology committee.
  2. Provide counseling to members on an as-needed and assigned basis by the Senior Pastor.
  3. Lead the Visitation ministry (including, but not limited to, shut-ins, hospital visits, and in-home visits of members and attenders). This includes:
    • Effectively coordinating all aspects inclusive of arranging and follow up, etc.
    • Providing strategies and ongoing support to enhance and encourage meaningful connections to those in the larger church body.
  4. Preach and Teach as assigned by the Lead Pastor.
  5. Manage, support, and maintain the Small Group ministry. This includes:
    • Actively and proactively leading and engaging with the Small Group leaders within FBC in all areas, including leadership training, recruitment, expansion, and shepherding care for their lives and ministry efforts.
    • Providing strategies and planning as needed.

Requirements and Qualifications

Key Requirements:

  • Regularly and consistently be in attendance in all services, church events, corporate prayer meetings of the church and attend all staff meetings and other meetings, including as an advisor to the Elder Board and Church Council and external meetings as assigned (e.g., SBA meetings).
  • Prepare monthly office schedule, as well as reports (i.e. monthly reports to the Elder’s Board and Church Council and annual reports to the congregation).


Qualifications & Behavioral Competencies

  • Loves Jesus, His church, and the gospel.
  • Can describe and demonstrates a clear call to ministry.
  • Demonstrates a pastor’s heart in leading and interacting with others, an active shepherd caring for the needs of the flock.
  • Is organized and administratively gifted.
  • Is in alignment with, and committed to, the leadership, vision, mission, and doctrine of FBC.
  • Is humble, with a desire to continually improve, and demonstrates strong love of learning (e.g., continuing education).
  • Works well in a team environment and independently with limited supervision.
  • Models personal evangelism.
  • Demonstrates the character of an Elder as prescribed in 1 Timothy 3:1–7.

Special Notes

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Date Posted: March 6, 2019

Job Type: Associate Pastor, Full Time

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