Associate Pastor

Associate Pastor – Faith Baptist Church, Discovery Baptist Campus

Faith Baptist Church is a North American Baptist church seeking an associate pastor who:

  • Is a faithful follower of Jesus Christ.
  • Has a strong and vibrant walk with the Lord and a passion to encourage the same in others.
  • Has a clear sense of calling to the pastorate (a pastor’s heart).
  • Possesses a desire to further grow and develop as a pastor through professional development and further spiritual development through mentorship.
  • Holds to biblical distinctives of baptists:
    • Biblical authority
    • Autonomy of the local church
    • Priesthood of the believer
    • Two ordinances: baptism and communion
    • Individual soul liberty
    • Saved by grace
    • Two offices: elder and deacon
    • Saved and baptized membership

    The Pastor shall be capable of:

    • Giving spiritual and inspirational leadership to the members of our church through biblical teaching and preaching and meaningful personal worship so that people will be moved to apply their faith into their everyday lives.
    • Sharing, through leadership and example, the pastoral responsibilities of the church, such as nurture, visitation, and conflict resolution.
    • Helping develop and support the vision/mission/values of Faith Baptist Church.
    • Prioritizing and multi-tasking while giving attention to details.

    The Pastor must:

    • Have a heart for leading our people to a Christian commitment.
    • Meet the biblical requirements of 1 Timothy 3:1–7.
    • Administrate worship, small groups, and technology ministry.
    • Possess strong team building and leadership skills.
    • Exhibit the Fruit of the Spirit in his character.
    • Possess a strong biblical foundation.
    • Be in agreement with the First Baptist Church Statement of Faith and Governance.

    Requirements and Qualifications

    The pastor will be:

    • A person of prayer
    • A servant leader
    • A visionary leader
    • Mature in the faith
    • A team player
    • Committed to biblical values

    Other important considerations and desirable qualities are as follows:

    Interpersonal Skills

    • Be a person with strong relational skills – approachable, “down to earth,” etc.
    • Be a good communicator both orally and through written communications.
    • Have the ability to relate to and work with all ages.
    • Possess adequate musical knowledge to enable the oversight of the worship ministry.


    Organization Requirements

    • Be able to communicate effectively with a broad range of academic abilities within the church body.
    • Be able to organize and conduct leadership training.
    • Be able to organize and communicate scope and sequence of the worship arts and small group ministries.


    Educational Requirements

    Preference will be given to individuals possessing at least one degree in pastoral ministries or a related field.


    Preference will be given to those with experience in pastoral ministries or related fields.

    Special Notes

    Send résumé – attention Evan Ulmer and Eugene Speer, Search Committee – to



437 Broadway Ave E. Regina, Saskatchewan S4N 0Z8 Canada

Date Posted: July 15, 2020

Job Type: Associate Pastor

Congregation: 450

Church Website: