Associate Pastor- Bethany Baptist Church

Associate Pastor- Bethany Baptist Church

In the following, reference is often made to overseeing ministry and equipping. Oversight in the context of what follows speaks to making certain church ministries are faithful to the truth of Scripture and that the number of programs and activities, no matter their appearance of success, are not the measure of Holy Spirit empowered ministry. Rather, Jesus calls us to make disciples who are faith-filled, obedient and attractive followers of Jesus. In light of that, oversight means taking responsibility to make certain that church initiatives taken and ‘programs’ run are empowered under God’s leading not our own. God’s call for those in church leadership is to shepherd the flock. Shepherds guide, heal, protect, and where needed, correct. With that said, pastoral staff are part of a shepherding team.
In light of this, the associate pastor sought for at Bethany is not expected to do all ministry outlined below rather he is to be active in finding and equipping others to use their God given gifts under that individual’s guidance.PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITES

Developing excellent family ministries for Bethany Baptist, with particular emphasis on discipling young adults and engaging parents in the discipleship journey. A key component of this is to mobilize and develop lay leaders to do the work of ‘ministry’ in the home and church so the reality of Jesus is lived out attractively and courageously in the classroom, in the workplace and in the community. Practically, those taking the lead in kids and youth ministries would be accountable to him ensuring that the approaches and curriculum used are aligned well with the goal of creating courageous, faith filled disciples. He also works with others to set a course to engage with and draw in the surrounding community.

• Identify and equip House Group Pastoral Leaders to meaningly convey biblical truth to individuals in their small group and to help grow members through community-based discipleship. Conveying truth is far more than giving information rather it is fostering
transforming faith through the power of the Holy Spirit and pastoral care given from a servant’s heart.
• Be in regular contact with all Home Group leaders
• Develop / select curriculum for HG study aligning with current sermon series

• Actively engaging in the lobby with priority given to engaging with newcomers
• Oversee newcomer follow-up
• Initiate methods to encourage newcomers to find Bethany to be a non-threatening place where they can explore the Christian faith in an open, inviting way. While this can include things like Alpha, it will also entail finding effective ways to speak into ‘felt’ concerns where the church can assist families with practical advice on matters such as seminars on bullying, internet safety, dealing with anxiety etc.

• Manage and expand pastoral care network ensuring identified needs are being attended to including visitation for the home-bound and/or hospitalized. While some of this care is met through ministry teams, there is also expectation that the successful candidate will
assume some of these responsibilities.
• Assist with weddings, funerals, child dedications, baptisms, ministry at the Hamilton Care Home etc.

• Be part of Sunday morning teaching as assigned

Requirements and Qualifications

THE SUCCESSFUL CANDIDATE must have demonstrated:
• successful ministry experience leading and directing an area of ministry
• leadership in setting overall vision and outlining a broad ‘strategy’ how that vision is to be achieved
• flexibility in allowing staff members to set their own ministry vision pertinent to their areas of responsibility (aligned with the overall vision of the church)
• passion and skill for developing leaders and releasing them to minister
• demonstrated successful ability to teach the Word of God applying His truth to our daily life
• demonstrated successful ability to recruit, equip, mentor and shepherd leaders
• fulfills character qualifications as highlighted in 1 Timothy and Titus.
• degree in theology or biblical studies (Bachelor’s degree minimum)
• minimum of 5 years of pastoral ministry experienceNOTE: while the successful candidate is expected to be fully invested in the ministry areas indicated, Bethany is also looking for an individual who has a call on his life to serve as a Lead pastor in God’s timing and in God’s placing.

• lives with a commitment to know, love and follow Jesus
• lives a spiritually, emotionally, physically and mentally healthy life
• has a consistent devotional life of prayer, Bible study and meditation on God’s Word
• lives a yielded and empowered life through being filled by the Holy Spirit
• is dedicated to his family, wisely balancing family and ministry life
• demonstrates a clear understanding of God’s call on his life for pastoral ministry
• has a heart for empowering and equipping the ministry potential of the staff and lay leaders
• has a love for people and a passion for reaching the lost for Christ
• understands, respects, and is in agreement with the mission, vision, values and Statement of Belief of Bethany Baptist Church
• attend staff and team meetings
• be a present and active participant in Sunday morning worship services and related ministry events
• lead a House group
• be familiar with and skilled in modern technology tools for communication and administrative purposes

• Team Builder – able to gain consensus not by demand but by ‘buy in’. Seeks, values and fosters collaboration where others feel valued. Diffuses inappropriate conflict effectively while not stifling different views that might lead to better outcomes. Relationally connects with others so they feel seen and valued not for what they do but for who they are. Looks out for those who seem disconnected in order to draw them in. Is committed to ministry that emphasizes equipping – where ministry is done through others – not to others. In this way, he seeks to multiply ministry by mobilizing the gifts of each one – the priesthood of all believers. As a team builder, he is also one who lives and acts in submission to leadership.
• An Encourager – who actively and regularly encourages others. This encouragement is not predicated on what typically are viewed as measures of success rather it is encouragement given that helps others take on a different understanding of success. Looking for the small things to affirm, the character shown when things didn’t go as planned, the small things done or the words spoken too often seen as insignificant. In this way, failure is not something that damages or disables rather it shapes character and promotes an atmosphere where healthy risk is encouraged.
• Passionate – in his love for Jesus, in his faith, and in his love of people. This is seen in his life as a follower of Jesus who wants others to have a transforming encounter with Jesus. The successful candidate is a man of prayer who knows that he is fully reliant on the Holy
Spirit to do the work of ministry.
• A Visionary – the desired candidate would be someone who has a ‘Why not?’ type of spirit. This spirit stems from a belief in a ‘nothing is impossible’ trust in God. So his why Not’s? are not coming from a place of contention, impatience or critique rather they are an enlargement of faith, discerning what God wants to do now. To be clear, they are not motivated by wanting to be ‘relevant’ according to the strategies of the day rather these come from hearing the voice of God through prayer and through the Word and from those places, discerning what the Lord is saying and where He is leading.

The line of accountability is to the Lead Pastor then indirectly to the Board.

Special Notes

NOTE: while the successful candidate is expected to be fully invested in the ministry areas indicated, Bethany is also looking for an individual who has a call on his life to serve as a Lead pastor in God’s timing and in God’s placing.


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Date Posted: August 8, 2022

Job Type: Full Time

Congregation: 200

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