Senior Pastor- Harbor Trinity Church

Senior Pastor- Harbor Trinity Church

Church Description:
Harbor Trinity Church (HTC) is a Bible-based church that was established in Costa Mesa in 1955 and has faithfully been serving the local community ever since. HTC is a welcoming church with members and participants of all ages. Our church mission is to help people find and follow Jesus. We aim to implement this mission across all platforms of ministry. Sunday morning worship consists of one service that averages about 150 adults, while the children’s and youth ministries average approximately 75 youth.  Our worship format is contemporary and is an integral part of the Sunday morning experience. The leadership at HTC consists of men and women who love and care deeply for God and His bride, the church. This team includes multiple pastors, directors and other paid staff who in turn manage a wide range of volunteers that meet the needs of the church family and community throughout the week.
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Position Description:
Harbor Trinity Church (HTC) is prayerfully seeking the Senior Pastor who God has prepared to lead our congregation.  We are in the midst of a pastoral succession as our Senior Pastor of 20 years is retiring.  HTC has begun the search for our new Senior Pastor.  The qualifications, attributes, leadership qualities and expected experience for the position are discussed below.
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Requirements and Qualifications

Ordained, with a minimum of five years pastoral experience.
Experience overseeing a Church school or preschool would be beneficial.Qualifications and Attributes:
A Godly, growing disciple of Jesus Christ, who demonstrates spiritual maturity and a strong commitment to Christ and is called to the role of Senior Pastor.An individual of strong character, committed to prayer and God’s Word. Focused on a strong local church, who communicates effectively, is humble, is hospitable, has a spiritually healthy family, and is able to speak God’s Truth on the hard issues of our day.Doctrinally compatible with the NAB’s Statement of Beliefs and Harbor Trinity Church’s (HTC) Doctrinal Statements and Mission statement.

Possess spiritual, intellectual, practical, and life-skill competencies for the pastoral care of the HTC congregation.

Demonstrates giftedness in preaching and teaching.

Able to interact and collaborate with other HTC church leaders, as well as direct and oversee the various ministries of HTC.

Able to work with the HTC church staff, the congregation, and the community at-large in a positive, collaborative setting and manner.

Able to analyze problems and create/implement solutions in a team environment.

Able to function as a liaison when working with others in our local community.

Church Leadership:
Humbly shepherds the congregation as the Senior Pastor and humbly follows Jesus Christ, practicing what he preaches.

Demonstrates a lifestyle of personal discipleship and personal discipline. Leads by example, and promotes this lifestyle into the lives of HTC staff and HTC attendees.

Carries out all duties Biblically in accordance with the Doctrinal Statements and Mission of HTC.

Hires pastoral, ministerial, and other church staff, with ratification by the HTC Elder Board.

Assigns ministry areas to the pastoral staff.

Supervises and coordinates the work of the other HTC staff members. Establishes, develops, and communicates the church’s ministry and its objectives.

Conducts weekly meetings with the ministry staff, both individually and jointly, and works to assist and equip the HTC staff in achieving ministry objectives; including annual job performance evaluations for the entire staff.

Develops the next generation of leaders to help support and execute and implement the church’s mission and vision; including associate pastor development and training.

Collaborates with the HTC Elder Board to oversee management of all aspects of the church, its ministries, finances, budget, and facilities; and attending monthly elder board meetings.

Meets annually with the Elder Board to review and evaluate job performance to develop an understanding of existing strengths and growth opportunities.

Preaching, Prayer, and Worship:
Responsible for the faithful, regular proclamation of the Word of God, the oversight of the church’s pulpit ministry, and worship planning.

Communicates biblical truth through the teaching of God’s Word faithfully, according to sound doctrine and in a manner that is relevant, authentic, and personally applicable.

Preaches and teaches the Word of God as written in the Old and New Testaments; calls the congregation to personal faith in Christ, to repentance, to baptism, to spiritual growth, to service and evangelism through Biblically based sermons and teaching.

Supervises the administration of the ordinances of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Pastoral Care:
As a shepherd to the staff, nurtures the mental, spiritual, and emotional health of the pastoral staff, ministry leaders and lay leaders.

As a shepherd to the congregation, exercises pastoral care of HTC attendees as opportunities arise by overseeing and nurturing their overall well being.

Visits the sick in home or in the hospital, visits active members for fellowship, contacts inactive members and prospective members, inviting them into the church body at HTC.

Provides care and counseling to church members and assists them in crisis situations. Refers people to professional counselors when needed.

Officiates at special services, such as baby dedications, baptisms, weddings, and funerals.

Evangelism and Church Growth:
Leads the HTC’s disciple-making efforts through prayer, faithful teaching of Scripture and other equipping efforts and programs.

Supports and evaluates existing ministries and encourages creativity in the development of new ministries to build up the HTC body, and to share and spread the Gospel with others.

Leads others (believers and non-believers) to find and follow Jesus Christ, thereby promoting the Great Commission and personal growth and maturity in Christ.

Equips and encourages members of the HTC congregation to use their spiritual gifts to build up the HTC body and grow its volunteer base to serve and glorify God by sharing the Gospel.

Inter-Church and Community Involvement:
Connects and builds relationships with key community leaders, maintaining an awareness of what is happening outside the church.

Collaborates with local churches and organizations committed to demonstrating Christ’s love through service.


Special Notes

Interested applicants should forward resume and credentials to:


1230 Baker Street Costa Mesa, California 92626 United States

Date Posted: November 23, 2021

Job Type: Full Time

Congregation: 225

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