Immanuel Baptist Church – Senior Pastor

Immanuel Baptist Church – Senior Pastor

This position requires someone who is able and will preach/teach the word of God and who will generally lead the body in coordination with the leadership of the church. The lead pastor should also provide care for the members and attendees of the body. Further, their responsibilities will include administrative oversight of the church staff. More details are available upon request.

Requirements and Qualifications

This person should be of sound character, education, and record of service. He shall demonstrate the ability to lead, offer pastoral care, counsel, administrate, teach, and preach. He shall also demonstrate complete adherence to the Bible and the doctrines of the evangelical faith. Also, foundational is a desire to serve God through unselfish devotion to Jesus Christ as his Savior and Lord.

Special Notes


400 Sunny Drive Beulah, North Dakota 58523 United States

Date Posted: March 19, 2019

Job Type: Senior Pastor, Full Time

Congregation: 200

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