Pastor of Next Generation Ministries – Temple Baptist Church

Pastor of Next Generation Ministries – Temple Baptist Church

The LORD is stirring us to grow and go together as we enter a renewed season of ministry at Temple Baptist Church. As a congregation of over 150, we recognize both great need and potential for reaching and raising the next generation for Christ. We have an existing core team of leaders serving in children and youth ministries already. Our mission field is Medicine Hat’s family-oriented community of 70,000 people, on the sunny southern prairies of Alberta. Is the LORD calling you to join us on mission?

Deadline to apply – July 31, 2023, or when the position has been filled.

Requirements and Qualifications


A personal faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour and Lord, taken the step of believer’s baptism by immersion, and in agreement with the North American Baptist Statement of Beliefs.


Preference is a bachelor’s level degree obtained from a fully accredited college or seminary recognized by Temple Baptist Church and the Alberta Baptist Association.

Heart, Skills, Experience

The following are required areas of heart, skill, and experience:

  • Heart for the Next Generation: Have a clear sense of calling and devotion for developing a next generation discipleship community to grow and go on mission following Jesus together. Be a relationally engaging person willing to reach children, youth, and young adults where they are with a Christ-like influence. Desire to bring Christ’s hope and help to families. Excited in seeing young people as active participants in ministry.
  • Skills: Able to build team and develop leadership teams. Understand the synergy created by a team with the ability to work both as a member and a leader. Can recognize and mentor emerging leaders, delegating, and entrusting others with ministry. Motivates with encouragement, seeking the best for those who are being led. Administratively able to plan and communicate well with parents and leaders. Provide supervisory leadership within a volunteer environment.
  • Experience: Have led in areas of children’s, youth, and/or young adult ministry. Demonstrated the ability to teach and mentor with a good understanding of Scripture. Appreciate the need for organizational structure and the process of accountability.

The following are preferred but not required areas of skill and experience:

  • Personality Awareness: Has knowledge and experience in working, teaching, and leading the diversity of personalities that are present in a community of believers.
  • Missions: Have a passion for outreach and experience in sharing the Gospel locally, cross-culturally, and international settings.
  • Counselling: Have gained some life experience in counselling/supporting those who are struggling with hurts, hang-ups, and sinful habits. Able to be a resource of helpful connections for hurting youth and families.

Leadership Character/Style

  • Good Character: Not expected to be perfect but needs to be trustworthy based on a posture of openness and integrity growing in Christ-like character and conduct. (1 Timothy 3, Titus 1, and 1 Peter 5).
  • Accountable: Permits others to hold them accountable and takes responsibility for their own actions. Willing to hold others accountable and does not avoid difficult conversations while maintaining healthy boundaries.
  • Self-Awareness: Knows their weaknesses and is willing to acknowledge them. Doesn’t live in denial of past personal issues and is committed to personal growth.
  • Supportive: Team player who works with lead pastor directing ministries toward the church’s shared vision. Faithfully reminding the congregation of the need to join in and participate on mission together.
  • Leadership Development and Team Building: Equip the Next Generation Team to recognize emerging leaders; encourage maturity of Christ-like character and conduct; ensuring the team serves well together.
  • Relationally Orientated: Authentic in relationships, based on self-awareness and humility. Ability to connect with both believers and non-believers. Is a servant leader seeking to advance the Kingdom of God beyond the walls of the church building into the community.
  • Relaxed Demeanor: Approaches people and responsibilities with a relaxed, enthusiastic demeanor. Is comfortable with others and is not threatened by others’ gifts and abilities.
  • Collaboratively Orientated: Recognizes the value of seeking the leading of Holy Spirit, in accordance with God’s Word, and the wise godly counsel of others.
  • Open & Personable: Maintains a posture that is teachable and overall friendly. Seeks feedback because they desire to grow. Is open to sharing their own spiritual and emotional journey.

Special Notes


606 7 St SW Medicine Hat, AB T1A 4K8 Canada

Date Posted: May 9, 2023

Job Type: Full Time

Congregation: 150

Church Website:

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