Regional Minister

Regional Minister

The Central Plains Region (CPR) of the North American Baptist Conference has begun the search process for their next Regional Minister. The hope is to have a healthy transition from our current RM to the next. The Regional Leadership Team of the CPR will receive resumes through March 31, 2020.

The CPR is comprised of three Associations:
• Great Plains Association (18 churches): Most of South Dakota and the NW corner of Iowa.
• Southwestern Association (21 churches): Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Missouri
• Southern Association (14 churches): Texas, Louisiana, and Florida

The Regional Minister will serve the pastors and congregations of the Central Plains Region. The overall health of the local church is his primary concern and will be addressed through the encouragement of pastors, by paying attention to pastoral health and the three priorities of the Region:
• Making more and deeper disciples
• Leadership Development
• Ministry Multiplication (Church Planting)

The RM will also resource churches in pastoral placement and conflict intervention. As part of the greater North American Baptist Conference team, he will work with NAB International staff and other RMs to further the primary purposes of NAB. This is all for the Glory of God and the advancement of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Requirements and Qualifications

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2105 STONEY GORGE FORT WORTH, Texas 76177-3527

Date Posted: February 11, 2020

Job Type: Regional Minister

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