Worship Leader – Quail Lakes Baptist Church

Worship Leader – Quail Lakes Baptist Church

Quail Lakes Baptist Church is seeking a worship leader for the Sunday morning worship services. This position is a part-time, job-share role that involves two Sundays per month, plus the relevant rehearsal times. The successful candidate for this position will be able to lead worship both in a traditional and contemporary musical setting.

Requirements and Qualifications


  1. Born-again follower of Jesus Christ.
  2. Possess the ability to work with volunteers.
  3. Good communication and interpersonal skills consistent to function in a church setting.
  4. Function as an effective team member.
  5. Musical ability required for excellence.
  6. Agreement with the QLBC Statement of Faith.


Major Responsibilities


  • Assist in planning worship music for upcoming month (traditional, contemporary)
  • Suggest new music to keep worship “fresh” (traditional, contemporary)


Rehearsing with Praise Team (on Assigned Weeks)

  • Play piano for praise team rehearsals (preferred)
  • Lead weekly praise team rehearsals (traditional, contemporary)
  • Determine and teach praise team harmonies (contemporary)
  • Determine structure of worship songs to fit timeslots (contemporary)
  • Lead Sunday morning run-thru of worship music (with band) (contemporary)


Rehearsing with Praise Band (on Assigned Weeks)

  • Attend band rehearsals to lead preparation of worship music
  • Attend band rehearsals to play piano for the worship music
  • Attend band rehearsals to accompany the choir (piano)


Preparation for Worship Leading (on Assigned Weeks)

  • Review lyric slides for worship services (traditional, contemporary)
  • Review lyric slides for worship services (special services)
  • Prepare leading comments/scriptures/etc. for worship service (traditional, contemporary)
  • Prepare leading comments/scriptures/etc. for worship service (special services)


Worship Leading (on Assigned Weeks)

  • Lead the pre-service sound check (traditional, contemporary)
  • Lead worship in sunday services (traditional, contemporary)
  • Lead the sound check in preparation for the special services
  • Lead worship in special services


Support (When Not Leading Worship, as Available)

  • Sing as a member of the praise team
  • Play piano for worship (traditional, contemporary, special) (negotiable)
  • Play piano for choir (traditional, contemporary, special)
  • Director of Worship Arts


Cross-Training, etc.

  • Meet with the director of Worship Arts, and with other worship leader(s) on staff to discuss vision for the worship at Quail, and to provide cross-training
  • Attend Worship Arts commission meetings, retreats, workshop



  • “Special” services refer to: Concert of Prayer, Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve, etc.
  • Proposed schedule for regular Sundays: Leading worship on Sundays two times per month.
  • Proposed schedule for special services: any of the worship leaders could be assigned.



  • This is a non-exempt salaried position, with salary set by the Personnel Commission
  • $300 annual professional expense reimbursement
  • 24 hours sick leave
  • Workers’ Comp Insurance


Professional Development

  • Attend appropriate conferences as available and agreed upon by director of Worship Arts to hone skills and gain ideas. This is funded through the Worship Arts Spending Plan.

Special Notes

For the job description and application, please email jamie@qlbc.org.


1904 Quail Lakes Drive Stockton, California 95207 United States

Date Posted: November 14, 2023

Job Type: Part Time

Church Website: http://qlbc.org