Our History

History of NAB

Started by an immigrant missionary, meeting spiritual and physical needs, adapting to a changing world, the NAB Conference of churches has a rich history that reveals God at work and a future rooted deeply in His truth, mercy, mission and power. 

Consider these key events:

1843: New Country – New Life • Immigrant Konrad Fleischmann (pictured to the right) baptizes five new believers to start The German Church of the Lord that Meets on Poplar Street in Philadelphia, Penn.

1851: Four Churches Band Together • Believing they can accomplish more together, four German Baptist churches assemble for the first German Baptist Conference. See a list of our oldest active churches.

1858: Training Center Becomes Reality • The first assembly’s dream to prepare men and women for effective ministry is realized by launching Rochester Theological (now Sioux Falls) Seminary.

Pictured below: Rauschenbusch and his sister, Emma, in a portrait from 1879, just prior to his departure for Germany where he would study for the next four years.

1882: Overseas Outreach Initiated • Emma Rauschenbusch is appointed to India – the first overseas missionary.

1940s: Transition to English • A 1919 vision of English as the primary language is realized.

2013: Moving Forward Together – Laser-like focus is established as conference leaders zero in on three key initiatives: leadership developmentministry multiplication, and the best cared for missionaries in the world. Announcement of a new website and logo at Triennial.

Because of the commitment, dedication and sacrifice of our founding church leaders and those who followed, the NAB Conference has grown into a family of churches representing many cultures and heritages throughout Canada, the United States and around the world. Let’s be inspired by God’s work in our history and courageously follow Him into the future together.

*For more information and resources regarding the history of NAB, visit the NAB Heritage Commission at: www.NABArchives.org.

A short video of NAB history.

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