Answered Prayers

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You are aware that the Holiday season in North America can be full of activities and busyness. We asked that you would pray for a fruitful season and the Lord blessed. We saw several new students come to our Cookie Bake and Christmas Party/ICF. Several new friendships were formed and the Gospel was shared in the context of Jesus’s birth. Thank you SO much for your prayers!

We are thankful for the impact we have on each person who attended our events this past year. They have represented the countries of: Rep of Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Angola, Kenya, Ghana, India, China, Japan, S. Korea, Taiwan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Mexico, Russia, Ukraine, Dominican Republic, Peru, Columbia, Ecuador, and Brazil.


Your prayers for my busy fall schedule were answered! And I did it all with a broken foot but did not realize it. I stepped in a hole the end of September and finally went to a doctor in December. After being diagnosed with a cracked metatarsal in my right foot, I spent the next 4 weeks in a boot. It’s healed – PTL! Now 6 weeks of Physical Therapy.

A baby girl (Her name means: Our God won’t fail) was born to our dear Nigerian friends, both doctoral students and involved in our ministry. We were honored doing the child blessing/naming.

Also, please continue to pray with us, for the Lord’s will and timing, concerning the NAB’s role in church planting here in Utah. If the Lord should lead you, join us fasting & praying every Tuesday lunch.

Your fellow brothers and sisters here in Utah need your prayers for the breaking down of strongholds and victory over the darkness in this place. It is truly a mission field!

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