Racial Righteousness

A Conversation with Tony Campos and John Stone

by: Kent Carlson

We were meeting at Casa de Luz, a Hispanic NAB church pastored by Tony Campos and his wife, Fabiola. After the meeting, Tony asked the pastors there…

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A Unity that Requires Supernatural Empowerment

by: Wayne Stapleton

Jesus prayed for a unity that is grounded in the unity He experienced with the Father. It had to be incredibly profound if it would lead…

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In Response to Charlottesville

by: Dan Hamil

The recent events in Charlottesville, Virginia reminded us how much our churches together must stand strongly against all forms of racism.

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Continuing Work on Campus at UVU

by: Bud Fuchs

Throughout the summer our schedule continued with activities. Staying in touch with students both on campus has proved to be a great success.

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