Change Can Be a Really Good Thing

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Dear Ministry Partners,

Change can be a really good thing!

Over the past year, there has been an increase of scheduling conflicts with the church facility we used for Conversation Café. Great for them! Not so good for us! We moved both time and location to UVU and changed the name to ESL “Conversation Corner” for a whole new start. The result was that our attendance doubled in the last month. Thank you SO much for your prayers for this ministry! As we enter into our summer events we enjoy the change of warmer weather and outdoor activities.

Our last ICF for this school year was in April with a record attendance! They will begin again in September. This summer we are looking forward to our International BBQ’s. This laid-back entry point has given us opportunity to meet new students each summer. We also began weekly ESL Bible Studies on the “I Am’s” of Jesus from the Gospel of John, May 7 through June 25.

Change can be a hard thing!

We are having to say goodbye to some really great students who have been faithful servants, and their impact will be greatly missed. As they re-enter their home country and experience reverse culture shock, they need our prayers as they often face a not so welcoming place called home.

Change can be interesting!

Last week I attended the graduation ceremony of one of our students. Thinking back to my three graduations, they were celebrations yet solemn. Things have changed! Huge shout outs when names were announced, children running around and noisy unless on electronic devices, and students acting as if they were peers to their professors. Yet I noticed that the foreign internationals and their families treated it more like in my day. Interesting…

Change happens when you pray!

Our son Nate has lived in Utah for more than 15 years. NW Association of the NAB has begun a new ministry endeavor here in Utah under his leadership. It is called “Elevation Project.” Utah’s state slogan is “Life Elevated.” He will be working with existing churches and pastors in Utah and Idaho to encourage and guide them to effectively reach the culture here and begin new church plants. If you desire for more info and to support this mission work contact:

Your fellow brothers and sisters here in Utah need your prayers for the breaking down of strongholds and victory over the darkness in this place. It is truly a mission field!

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