Executive Director Search Profile

Executive Director / Chief Executive Officer

The mission of the North American Baptist Conference of churches is to glorify God by making disciples of Jesus Christ at home and internationally.

The vision of our Conference is to transform communities through healthy, Christ-centered churches that reach the lost for Jesus, develop Godly leaders, and multiply ministries around the world.

Position Description/Prerequisites

It is the responsibility of the Executive Director / Chief Executive Officer to guide the operation of the North American Baptist Conference toward its stated ends.


  • Master of divinity degree or higher preferred
  • Membership in a local NAB church or willingness to become a member
  • Willingness to submit to a background check


ED/CEO Personal Profile

We are looking for someone who pursues and demonstrates a vibrant, growing relationship with Jesus Christ, who is a highly effective leader committed to the cause of the NAB, and who demonstrates the following qualities and characteristics:

  • Visionary – Able to see the big picture and develop an articulate vision with others for the whole Conference that inspires others toward Conference ends.
  • Servant Leader – Values people, develops people, builds community, provides leadership, shares leadership, and practices authenticity.
  • Missional – Upholds a lifestyle and vision for the church consistent with the developing missional/formational movement within the NAB.
  • Faithful – Committed to the NAB Statement of Beliefs and committed to maintaining the unity of the Spirit in the bonds of peace (Ephesians 4:3).
  • Strategist – In conjunction with the other major stakeholders, able to move from a broad vision to strategic initiatives in achieving the ends of the Conference.
  • Team Builder – Recruits and maintains top employee and volunteer talent, as well as develop collaboration and mutual direction among volunteer connections, especially churches, Regional Ministers, and heads of Cooperating Organizations (NOTE: Some of these are not under the structural authority of the Executive Director but the Executive Director will need to be able to develop them into a collaborative and cooperating team).
  • Team Leader – Able to effectively lead the International Office team, along with Regional leaders, toward the execution of strategic priorities.
  • Governance Style – Willing to practice a Policy Governance style of executive leadership. A prior understanding or experience with Policy Governance is desirable but not required; a willingness to learn Policy Governance is required.
  • Networker – Establishes and maintains relationships, both internally and externally
  • Leadership Development – Promotes and models the equipping of leaders.
  • Administratively Effective – Engages in current ongoing organization review and change as required.
  • Fundraiser – Solicits and engages with major donors.



  • Lead the North American Baptist Conference to execute its strategic priorities through leadership of the Executive Team and engagement with Regional Ministers and local churches.
  • Be responsible to the Governing Board, who serve on behalf of the constituents between Triennial conference sessions.
  • Serve within the Executive Limitation Policies of the NAB Governing Board Policy Governance Manual.
  • Be held accountable for efforts and results for all International Office Executive Team members and support staff in their respective areas of responsibility.
  • Serve as a non-voting member of the Governing Board.
  • Hold or gain active membership in a local NAB church.
  • Be the NAB representative to appropriate mission and ministry organizations, or delegate this responsibility as appropriate.
  • Travel, which is encouraged where the Executive Director feels that face to face meetings are needed. For the sake of physical and emotional health, and to conserve resources, the Executive Director should take advantage of technology that allows for virtual meetings.



This is a position that is elected by the NAB Triennial for an unlimited period of time per the guidelines of the NAB Constitution.

If you have any questions please email search committee at: edsearch@nabconf.org

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