Fall Connections 2021

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Last April, a new neighbor in the unit above us in our condo became extremely noisy to all the residents in our building. For five months, several nights a week, we got only a few hours of sleep, which wore on us in many ways. We prayed and tried to be good neighbors, but nothing worked. We contacted a realtor who helped us greatly. We looked at a home in Orem and liked it, but a neighbor saw us looking and said, “Mine will be for sale this week. Look at mine.” Our realtor agreed, and when we saw it, we said this is the one. They also were asking $30K less than the other one, and it was move-in ready.

We truly believe the Lord was in this whole process. It is only one mile from UVU and 2.5 miles from BYU. It also has a basement with a kitchenette that can host dozens of people for events. We moved in October 4 and hosted our first ICF October 15! We have even more room now for you to come visit us – address below!

As we began this ministry six years ago, we asked you to pray that we might relocate to Orem to be nearer our ministry with international students, and the Lord heard your prayers! We thank the Lord for your faithfulness!

At our August picnic, we welcomed new students, including three new PhDs. We are thankful for these new connections!

As we previously wrote, our goal for this fall was to launch a church (Hope of the Nations Church) together with a pastor from Columbia. He has a huge heart for the lost. Our focus will be on the growing international community in our county. With lack of funding and not being able to find a facility that would properly give us a good start, we have delayed the launch until 2022.

But, I am excited to announce that at the NAB NW Association meetings last weekend, they officially welcomed Hope of the Nations as a church plant! Utah County is now one of the fastest growing metro areas in the US. There are fewer churches per capita than in most countries we would refer to as “unreached.”

I recently heard from one of our former international students who has returned to her home country. She said life for Christians has drastically changed there. Churches were forced to close, and many Believers are discouraged and falling away from their faith. Even Bible software and apps are being restricted from use on their phones. They need our prayers!

Pray for Utah! It is a mission field! Our county is now over 700,000 in population, and there are only 0.5% true believers! Please pray with and for us!

For more info, and to support this mission work in Utah, or even to send a team, click here: elevationprojectut.com.

Use the URL below to contact us for training your church to reach internationals in your locale: nabconference.org/north-american-missions/equipping/nab-gateway/reaching-international-students/

If the Lord should lead you to partner with us, visit these URLs for Canadian or US donations:

Canada: https://my.nabconference.org/default.aspx?page=3432&funds=691

US: https://my.nabconference.org/default.aspx?page=3437&funds=692

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