End-of-Year Giving 2016 As the end of the year draws near, many will wish to give to the ministries of the North American Baptists, generously planting seeds for our missionaries and churches to preach the gospel, in word and deed, throughout the world in 2017. We are grateful to God for those who so faithfully spread God’s love through financially supporting NAB’s ministries. Thank you for giving! As you consider donating to NAB in tax year 2016, here are a few factors to keep in mind to make sure that we are able to give you a tax receipt for calendar year 2016:
We are proud that the NAB is a family of bi-national churches that call Canada and the United States home. We also recognize that the recent US presidential election has a lasting impact on the world, especially for those of us in North America. The American elections are done! Like a rollercoaster of twists and turns, creating at times both a sense of thrill and that tickling sense of nausea, this season of public debate over candidates and referendums has come to a stop. And like riders on a rollercoaster that has continued looping for too long, many are simply happy that this season of choosing is over and they can finally disembark, though with a bit of lingering vertigo.
Don't miss out on The Gathering 2017! The Gathering is an epic conference/service project that gathers students together for a variety of thoughtful experiences to dive deeper in faith, community, and service. The Gathering is the only venue that gathers all students from the North American Baptist Conference in one place for a time of worship, service, transformation, and fun.
We have lost one of God's faithful servants in the NAB family this week. Dr. Gordon Stork went home to be with the Lord Friday while in Winnipeg for the Manitoba Baptist Association meetings this weekend. Gordon was the regional minister for the Northern Plains Region serving churches in Manitoba, Montana, North and South Dakota.
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