The Fulbe Conflict in West Africa

Over the past few months, there have been a series of attacks on Fulbe villages on the Mambilla Plateau in West Africa. Much of this stems from historic clashes between the Fulbe people—nomadic cattle herders—and the Mambilla people, who are farmers. As many as 150 Fulbe villages have been attacked, leaving hundreds dead and thousands of cattle slaughtered. Many Fulbe have fled their villages on the Mambilla Plateau in Nigeria, leaving with only the clothes on their backs. The Mambilla people have threatened to kill anyone who returns.

Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin, NAB missionaries to Cameroon, have an established relationship with some of these Fulbe people, both Christian and Muslim. Of those killed, eight are from the family of a good friend of theirs. Some of the refugees fleeing ended up with Fulbe Christians. Not only do these Fulbe Christians fear that attacks will follow the fleeing Fulbe, but there is also some fear of the non-believing Fulbe, who don’t understand why the Christian Fulbe refuse to perpetuate this conflict through retaliation.

We are asking for your prayers for this crisis, but also for financial assistance for our Fulbe brothers and sisters in need. The Fulbe Christians have quickly become overwhelmed by the needs of so many. Because the Fulbe are the largest unreached nomadic people group in the world at roughly 38 million—over 98 percent of whom are Muslim—this is not only a chance to show support of our Fulbe brethren but also show the love of Christ to people who have never experienced it. Would you consider giving to this special and urgent need?


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