World Relief – Lebanon Crisis

A little over a year ago, NAB Gateway and NAB International Missions began exploring a partnership in Lebanon with an organization called Horizons. We are excited about this opportunity that could provide global sister partnerships in Lebanon and also open the door for the NAB to ministry throughout the Middle East. On the first trip to Lebanon in 2019, Randy Schmor, the NAB Gateway director, and Joseph Thomas, an NAB pastor in Pennsylvania, met with leaders from Horizons; Randy returned in February of 2020 with Kerry Bender, the VP of International Missions, and Pastor Dana Goodnough, an NAB pastor in New York and board member for the NAB, to further explore this partnership.

As we continue to be in the midst of these partnership conversations, we were looking forward to informing the broader NAB family of this burgeoning potential relationship as fall and winter approached; however, crisis does not wait on our timeline, and neither do opportunities to minister alongside new friends. In the midst of the ongoing refuge crisis in Lebanon, COVID-19 provides new and greater opportunities for Horizons to be the hands and feet of Jesus. Then, on August 4, 2020, there was a massive explosion in the capital city of Beirut. Horizons is partnering with churches throughout Beirut and the world to provide assistance in the midst of these desperate times, and we have the opportunity to come alongside them and demonstrate the Gospel lived out by the Church. Please prayerfully consider contributing to the work of Horizons through a relief fund that the NAB has set up for this purpose. You can click on either link below to contribute either through Canadian or US dollars. If you have any questions about this ongoing work or the ongoing conversations regarding partnership with Horizons, please do not hesitate to reach out to Kerry Bender or Randy Schmor.

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  • US donations, text your gift amount followed by “LEBANON” to (916) 249-0534 (e.g., 100 Lebanon)
  • Canadian donations, text your gift amount followed by “LEBANON” to (204) 400-2238 (e.g., 100 Lebanon)

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