Important Conversations and Exciting Announcements

A Conversation with Tony Campos and John Stone

By Kent Carlson
Vice President of Leadership Formation

Shortly after Donald Trump was elected president of the United States, I was in Sacramento leading an Ethos Cohort, a two-year intensive training focused on reimagining the church along missional and formational priorities. We were meeting at Casa de Luz, a Hispanic NAB church pastored by Tony Campos and his wife, Fabiola. After the meeting, Tony asked the pastors there—all white men pastoring suburban churches—if we would pray for him and his church. Through tears he described what his church was experiencing in this new political climate. It was a tender and emotional moment. One pastor there, John Stone of Encounter Church in Sacramento, was deeply moved and challenged by that experience. He decided to do something about it, and some pretty cool things happened after that. I caught up with both of them about a year after that experience to have them tell their story.

Click below to read the interview with Kent as well as the audio from the interview, which was originally featured in the Spring 2018 edition of Onward.

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Announcing the New Vice President of International Missions

Starting in September 2018, Executive Director Dan Hamil led a process of discernment to determine God’s direction in hiring a new vice president of International Missions for the NAB. Supported by the International Office staff, NAB missionaries, and the wider NAB family, the Executive Team invested much time in prayer and listening through this entire process. During the extensive process of screening the initial group of nearly fifty résumés down to five candidates, the Executive Team spent a great deal of time praying and discerning. There was a sense that the NAB family as a whole joined in this endeavor to truly hear from God in this critical decision.

So it is with great pleasure that we announce that the position of vice president of International Missions has been accepted by Rev. Kerry Bender.

Kerry has done a remarkable job in his time as an interim. The NAB missionaries involved in the interview process have been incredibly impressed by how quickly he came to relate to them and their unique positions. He has already increased missionary recruitment within the NAB and is working to bring a new mindset to working with NAB churches in developing younger missionaries. He knows and loves the NAB family, having grown up in an NAB church and served as pastor of Faith Baptist Church in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Executive Team has been impressed with his leadership ability, his keen intellect, his love for the church, and his desire to expand NAB international missions into the future. He is an excellent speaker, a good administrator and manager, and a solid team player. Most importantly, he has a deep and authentic relationship with Jesus.

Please join us in welcoming Kerry as the permanent full time VP of International Missions!

Cameroon, Pathology, and Hope for the Future

In the midst of more than 500,000 people being displaced and many being killed due to the civil unrest and violence in Cameroon, God continues to use our NAB missionaries to minister alongside our brothers and sisters in Christ in the Cameroon Baptist Convention. Along with many other areas of ministry, the hospital in Mbingo continues to be a source of light in the midst of the darkness and peace in the midst of the chaos of violence and suffering in Cameroon.

One piece of the ongoing ministry at Mbingo is the pathology program that processes thousands of specimens annually. Many of you may remember hearing of Dr. Mbanga Evan who is currently being trained to join Dr. Richard Bardin in the pathology program. Upon completing the program, Dr. Mbanga will be the first qualified Cameroonian pathologist to serve at any Cameroon Baptist Convention health facility. This is a huge answer to prayer.

We are excited to have been offered a $10,000 matching gift from a donor, and we would love for you to take advantage of this opportunity by contributing to the Pathology Training Special Project that is providing the much needed resources for Dr. Mbanga during his training. All gifts given between April 20–May 31, 2019, will be matched by this generous offer.

Click below for more details, to read more about Dr. Mbanga, and to partner with us in this opportunity!

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Missionary of the Week

Anthony Brown, New Beginnings Fellowship in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.When New Beginnings opened its doors in 2005, Pastor Anthony Brown and his wife, Kimberly, had a vision from God to preach the Good News. In 2010, the church was able to move into its own building. Pray that New Beginnings would continue to bring spiritual healing and help to the community by introducing them to God’s love and mentoring them to become mature followers of God. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Missionary/Church Planter of the Week