Additional Resources

Resources! As a pastor, I rely heavily on resources to help me grow as a leader. Books … articles … contacts … you name it! Below you'll find several free resources provided by the NAB as well as a link to where you can purchase recommended books to help you grow in leadership. It's good to know that we don't have to navigate the waters of leadership alone. Others have passed this way and we can glean from their experiences.




Rev. Dr. Dana L. Goodnough (photo)
Senior Pastor
Pittsford Community Church
Pittsford, New York

The following articles are PDF documents attached at the bottom of this page:

“Leaders or Followers” - Does Christ call us to be leaders or followers?
“I’m Not a Leader” - What if I don’t want to be a leader or don’t think I am a leader?
“A Biblical Concept” - Is leadership development a biblical concept?
“Why Now?” -Why is Leadership Development critical to the NAB at this time?
A Christian Study Guide to A Leader‟s Legacy”  by Rev. Dr. Dana L. Goodnough. 
      This Study Guide is written for individuals or groups using Kouzes & Posner’s A Leader’s Legacy.

A Leader’s Legacy - Kozes & Posner
Discipleship Essentials - Greg Ogden
Leadership Essentials  - Greg Ogden
LeaderShift  - Don Cousins
Renovation of the Church  - Carlson & Lueken

Other NAB-recommended resources are available from the NAB book list on

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