Level 3—Form a Group

Life Transformation most often begins with biblical Information in the context of authentic community relationships. Greg Ogden’s book Discipleship Essentials is a great guide to build lives in Christ. The twenty-four studies cover many of the key issues necessary to help a person move toward spiritual maturity. Useable as a personal or small group study guide, some of our NAB leaders have found that the churches receiving the greatest value from this resource are those that use it in the context of “reproducible triads.” Three men or women study the material together as peers with the understanding that after completion of the study, each participant will then recruit and help two new people learn and apply the same material. The reproducible accountability format maximizes both learning and application. For those with specific leadership gifting and ministry leadership roles, Ogden’s Leadership Essentials is a great next step. Don’t settle for information; design a group that facilitates life transformation! Then multiply it throughout your church and community. To order Discipleship Essentials click here. To order Leadership Essentials click here

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