North American Baptist Heritage Commission

The purpose of the North American Baptist Heritage Commission is to collect, preserve, organize, display, and make available the treasured records and artifacts of the people connected with the North American Baptist Conference and their work. For more information about a particular ministry opportunity contact that local church or their Regional Minister.

It is the intent of NAB Heritage Commission to energize the ministries of North American Baptists today by making available real-life stories that demonstrate the power of God and the modeling of His faithful people through the years.

The NAB Heritage Commission presently operates its archives and museum to address these purposes. Its research sources include microfilmed copies of the Conference's key publications: Baptist Herald and Der Sendbote. These are useful in locating obituaries, reports from local churches, and missionary letters. Files are set up to hold key historical records from NAB local churches as well as materials related to North American Baptist pastors, leaders, and seminary graduates.


The North American Baptist Heritage Commission
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