Our focus in Hungary has three distinct elements that together describe our work. First, our target is the Roma people of CENTRAL Europe.  The Roma, also known as Gypsies, are a very poor people that cannot be defined by any particular borders.  They are often despised and rejected as outcasts of European culture.  Second, our Strategy is CHE (Community Health Evangelism CHE 
integrates evangelism and discipleship with disease prevention and community based HOLISTIC development.  Our NAB missionaries, Ron and Jeannie Seck have been instrumental in bringing CHE into this country AS WELL AS ROMANIA, SERBIA AND CROATIA and establishing the training of Roma leaders who control their own community projects.  Third, our NAB CONFERENCE partners are the leaders of the Hungarian Baptist Convention.  We work with the pastors and leaders of the HBC to minister to Roma people.  We create opportunities for NAB churches in Canada and the USA to partner with HBC churches in Hungary, and together they will be able serve a particular Roma community.

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