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White Cross - Compassion Ministry

White Cross is a ministry supported primarily by the women of the NAB. White Cross grew out of the Red Cross work being done everywhere during World War I. American Baptist women inaugurated the White Cross program in 1919 and three years later, the North American Baptist Conference women joined this effort. White Cross provides for direct and tangible participation in the Compassionate Care ministry of the North American Baptist Conference in Cameroon. White Cross participants are partnering and assisting our missionaries through the cutting and sewing of baby layettes (baby blanket, baby diaper and baby jacket), the rolling of bandages, the cutting of absorbent squares as well as in providing sheets, pillow cases, hospital supplies, guest house supplies and medical supplies. We have even received a sawmill!

NAB Canada
White Cross Site at Taylor College and Seminary 
11525 - 23 Avenue NW Edmonton, Alberta T6J 4T3. 

For more information or to request Canadian white cross forms please see the links below or contact: whitecross@taylor-edu.ca or 780-431-5200 

White Cross - Canada on Taylor

New shipping address for packages/items to be sent to Africa is
White Cross Site at The Quest Church
6107 I-30 West, Suite 170,
Royse City, TX 75189

Monetary Donations can be sent to:
PO Box 1207 (mailing address) Royse City, Texas 75189 

For more information or to request US white cross forms please contact: new email: whitecross@thequestrc.com or WC Office new Phone: (972) 591-8181

Special Note - White Cross: Keep Rolling Those Bandages

If you were rolling bandages, keep rolling them. If you are knitting baby blankets and hats, keep knitting.

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