The Irreducible Core

There are some elements of being a Disciple of Christ, of being the Church of Jesus Christ that are simply non-negotiable.  We call these elements the IC – Irreducible Core.

• Confession of Christ
• Love God with all your Heart, Soul and Mind
• Love your Neighbor as yourself
• Love one another
• Make Disciples
• In Partnership with the Holy Spirit.

I suspect there is nothing on this list that we would not agree to be important.  But the real question is, “Are we obedient to every element on the list?”  Does our leadership address all aspects of the IC?  By engaging in the following three steps we believe every disciple and church can participate more fully in the mission of God.

1. Assessment
The questions are simple.
- Do we have an accurate understanding of what the IC elements mean?
- Are we doing them?

2. Training
We have specific definitions that will help each Disciple and Pastor know how to set a path towards MM by addressing each element of the IC.

3. Coaching
We offer trained Coaches for Pastors who want to see Ministry Multiplied in their life and church. We are ready to come along side of you to set a course to success.


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