Assessing the Irreducible Core

There are a few penetrating questions that we believe every Pastor and church leader should be asking about their ministry.

1.      Can I articulate the 5 Priority Commands that Jesus gave to His church?

2.      Are we preparing the people in our church to live according to these priorities?

3.      Is our ministry designed around the priorities of Jesus Christ?

These are not questions about strategy, structure or specific ministries.  They are foundational questions to bring us back to Jesus:  What did Jesus expect of His church?

We want to help every church walk in obedience to the Priority Commands of Jesus Christ, so we have created a few tools to focus our attention on these scriptures.  The better we are able to articulate the intentions of Christ for His church, the more likely we will be to shape our church to reflect the priorities of Jesus.

These Priority Commands are the substance of the Irreducible Core.  Each element of the Irreducible Core can be evaluated in a very basic manner.  You can begin your assessment by looking at the Core Obedience for each of the Priority Commands of Jesus Christ.

We also have a few tools to help you begin to explore and teach this material in our Training section.


There are other assessment tools that many NAB churches are using to assess specific ministries and structures of the church.  One of these is the NCD survey.

NCD Survey  - To participate in an NCD evaluation, please contact your Regional Minister.

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