Missionary / Church Planter of the Week

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Every week NAB features a missionary or church planter to update you on and ask for your prayer. We ask for your continued prayer as they are the hands and feet of Jesus all around the globe! If you'd like to share with others, please see the pdf below, which is updated each quarter.

Missionary / Church Planter of the Week:  

May 21, 2017—Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin, NAB Missionaries, Cameroon. For the past eight years, the Kilmartins have fostered a connection with the Fulbe people, a nomadic group in West Africa. They are now planning to return to West Africa to work at the seminary in Ndu, Cameroon, though they will also travel and minister among the Fulbe in Cameroon and Nigeria. Pray for the ongoing process of learning the Fulfulde language so they will more easily be able to communicate directly with the Fulbe people they interact with. Ask God to provide the financial support they need to leave for Cameroon. For more information, visit nabonmission.org/missionaries/jeff-sonya-kilmartin or check out their blog at kilmartinblog.wordpress.com.

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