book imgWhat a beautiful image this word provides for us. We picture a piece of wood, transformed over the years by wind, snow, and rain, restored to new life through tender, loving care.

This year we are excited to explore the lives of five women in the lineage of Jesus. As we journey through the lives of Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Uriah’s wife, and Mary, we will see how God reclaimed their lives through molding and breathing new life and hope into their lives. We are confident that the same God who reclaimed the lives of these women will bring hope to our lives.

These women are all proof that there is nothing that anyone has done that can ever disqualify any of us from a life chosen and used by God. You will love the way Christy Fay uses biblical insight and historical facts with great depth, filled with truths we can apply to our lives today. We would love to hear about your stories and how God has reclaimed your life.

You are God’s masterpiece!

—Women’s Ministry Leadership Team

To find out if you qualify to receive a free copy of Reclaimed, please contact Heather Senges.