New Updates from NAB Missionaries; plus, What’s The Gathering?

The Purpose of The Gathering

Joe Broesamle explains the purpose of The Gathering, an experience that happens every three years for the youth of the NAB.

There has been a growing sense of importance placed on encouraging students to first grow deeper in love with Christ. As part of this growth, students should be equipped to also share Christ with others in words and to live out the Gospel message with their actions. Both of these – spiritual growth and sharing the Gospel – are essential parts of the whole. . . . NAB youth workers have indicated that they don’t just want another conference-wide youth convention like many other denominations have. Instead, they want an opportunity for students to experience both the conference setting and a mission/outreach in one main event because many students – for a variety of reasons – have never had a chance to serve Christ by serving others. This is where the idea of The Gathering was born.

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Missionary Newsletter

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M*ssionary of the Week

Nick and Iris, NAB M*ssionaries, East Asia. Nick and Iris work within a restricted nation in East Asia. As of last December, they severed ties with the government-registered ch*rch. Since then, they have been serving in various ministries and have been continuing to provide counseling to those in need, which provides them with opportunities to share their faith and the Good News. Pr*y for the people of the nation Nick and Iris serve in, that they would not be too fearful to respond to the truth when it reaches their ears. Pr*y as well for Nick and Iris as they seek the Father’s direction for the future of their ministry. For more information, click here.

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