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In the wake of Typhoon Haiyan devastating areas of the Philippines, many in the North American Baptist family have expressed concern for the welfare of those connected to our ministries in the Bicol region of the Philippines. 


The NAB International Office has heard from our national missionary in the Philippines, Mayette Ativo-Bueno. She communicated the following news:
Thank you for praying for us. We are fine. The Lord spared Legazpi City. We are under signal 3 but the easterly wind (habagat in our language) blew and the fierce wind of the typhoon was forced to higher plane. Literally, it has passed over us and so we didn't feel the fierce wind at all. To give you an idea, the vine in our backyard is still intact and no branch of the mango tree in our front yard was broken. Its almost like one of the ordinary rainy days with some intermittent wind that we experience here. Of course we did prepare and so the upstairs office is in chaos with all the clutter from the things downstairs that were kept there for safety from the expected flood. Lots of work this Monday but still in awe of God's deliverance. It breaks my heart though to see our people in the Central Visayas who were badly hit. Please continue to pray with us for all of them. Thank you for your love and concern.
The NAB International Office is accepting financial donations from churches and individuals through our Disaster Relief funds, which will be dispersed through NAB’s network of evangelical relief ministries in the Philippines. 

Gregg Evans, our volunteer field coordinator and former NAB missionary to the Philippines, provided this additional information:

For the purposes of news organizations, Tacloban is getting all of the coverage - it was the first major place hit, it is a big city, the devastation is extreme (a unique thing about Tacloban because of its geography is that it got hit by two storm surges, first from the south and then from the north), and access is relatively easy from Cebu or Manila - but there are dozens of islands with scores of towns and villages along the path of Haiyan that were wiped out. Eventually there will be reports of whole villages of 50, 100, 300 people just swept away. There will never be an accurate count of the dead because there wasn't an accurate count of the living in a lot of these remote islands.
Please pray for our NAB ministries in the Philippines and for those suffering after the typhoon. 

Financial gifts can be made:
  1. Online at
  2. Through mail in Canada: 
    North American Baptist Conference
    c/o Philippines Relief 
    PO Box 57235
    Station A
    Toronto, ON M5W 5M5
  3. Through mail in U.S.:
    North American Baptist Conference
    c/o Philippines Relief 
    1219 Pleasant Grove Blvd.
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  4. Over the phone by credit card (call Lisa Dietrich at 916-797-6222 ext. 221)
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