As Easter approaches, here are four NAB prayer requests:

  1. Pray for NAB pastors who will open God’s word and tell the story anew of Christ’s sacrificial atonement and glorious resurrection over this weekend. Ask God to empower these pastors with his Spirit, and touch the hearts and minds of those who will gather for worship.

  2. Pray for NAB missionaries as they talk to others about Jesus in the coming days. Many of these people will hear the story of Jesus as foreign to their ears. Pray that God would give NAB missionaries the joy of proclaiming the gospel.

  3. Pray for the NAB 2014 Spring Missions Offering. This offering supports the efforts of the NAB Ministry Outreach department as they work to support and encourage NAB missionaries and ministries around the world. Ask that God would spur individuals and churches to be generous in their giving.

  4. Pray for your own walk with Christ over the coming days. Ask God to renew your desire to follow Christ more fully as you reflect on his death and resurrection. Pray that God would open doors for you to proclaim the good news of Christ’s kingdom during this week of Easter.
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