NAB Update - August 8, 2013

What’s next! Over the past year, you have heard stories of how the North American Baptist Conference is expanding ministries and kingdom efforts all over the world. I hope you are as excited as I am to know that God is opening new doors of opportunities for us. This is truly a God-inspired season of opportunity for the NAB. Here is just a quick review of some truly amazing newer ministries:

  • Ron and Jeannie Seck are expanding the ministry of Community Health Evangelism in Central and Eastern Europe. Working with the Roma (Gypsy) people, they are taking the love of Jesus to people in poverty and hardship in Hungary and beyond. It is so great to see communities are being transformed because community leaders are being transformed by Christ.
  • N&I are sinking their feet deep into East Asia, developing relationships with both believers and unbelievers, and dreaming God’s vision of reaching a nation for Jesus Christ. After just four months, they are already sharing stories about the people they have led to faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Now led by Gary Clatterbuck, our Russian ministry and leadership development movement has moved to the far eastern region of Russia. Not far from the Korean and Chinese borders, NAB leaders, pastors, professors and teachers can now pour their lives and ministry skills into Russian pastors and church workers who are hungry to learn the Word of God and new ministry ideas.

Your part has been to pray and to give! Thank you for being part of the team. 

On August 31, we end our fiscal year. Please consider a fiscal year-end gift to NAB so the amazing, God-inspired ministries can continue to move forward and harvest real fruit for the Kingdom of God.

Norm Poehlke
Vice President of Ministry Outreach

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