NAB UPDATE - February 5, 2012

Everyday Church Initiative

The North American Baptist Conference wants to invite your church to join an exciting journey of missional engagement in the upcoming year with a host of other NAB churches. In 2012, Tim Chester and Steve Timmis wrote a book based upon 1 Peter that is a great tool for helping your congregation learn to live life and serve others at the margins. The writing is theologically sound and very practical. To accompany this book, usable resources have been created for churches across Canada and the U.S.

Our hope is that NAB churches will use this book as a discussion tool with church leaders, and then use the book and materials to guide a preaching series in the fall.

Cam Roxburgh, NAB’s Vice President of Missional Initiatives, is spearheading the efforts to help churches move forward with this endeavor.  For additional information about how your church can get involved, you can contact him at croxburgh@nabconf.orgor 778-863-4471.

The North American Baptist Conference is hoping and praying for fifty churches to go on this journey together. We believe that having that number of churches will create a real movement towards making a difference in our neighborhoods for Christ. We would invite you to consider being one of those churches that joins the journey.

2013 Spring Missions Offering

God is calling NAB to reach the next nations for Him. As a conference of churches, we have talked about three major imperatives that God has placed before us in the coming years: equipping the next generation, impacting the next community, and reaching the next nation.

Norm Poehlke, Vice President of Ministry Outreach, recently wrote, “NAB is becoming a Missional Movement both at home and internationally. We are taking the missional principles that we teach to our churches and applying them to our International ministries. We are recognizing places that God is already at work, and accepting His invitation to join Him. This is opening some new horizons of International missions for NAB.”

In NAB’s 2013 Spring Missions Offering, you will hear more specific about how God is leading the NAB toward the “next nations.” Please check the NAB website and watch your mail for more information coming soon.

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