NAB UPDATE - July 24, 2013

The following is an update from Dr. Rob McCleland, NAB Executive Director, who recently returned from a ministry trip to Russia and east Asia. As you read it, please be prompted to pray for the NAB ministries and partners in those nations.

Many years ago I had the privilege of leading a team of physicians for surgery training in the world’s largest hospital, which is in Southeast Asia. How big? More than four times larger than the biggest hospital in North America. Everything about the hospital was first class, including their more than 80 operating rooms. On that trip the team had the privilege of sharing the good news with many doctors, some of whom made solid decisions. Recently I was back in Southeast Asia with one of those doctors, introducing them to our NAB workers who are now in the same city. It is wonderful how God works. Our new work in that area of the world is going extremely well! Pray for Nick and Iris as they continue to explore new strategies for effective ministry.

Following our time in China I went to Russia to where the NAB has had over a decade of very solid ministry. Recently we have expanded from our Bible School in Rostov to providing NAB leaders the opportunity to teach at sites across Russia in partnership with Moscow Theological Seminary. Dr. Peter Mitskevich, president of the school, recently spoke at our NAB General Council meetings. His passion, expertise, and joy in partnering with the NAB were evident to all. 

For more information on supporting our expanded ministry in Russia, or going there to teach for a week or two, please contact Gary Clatterbuck at

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