NAB UPDATE - March 8, 2013

Leadership Development
Leadership development remains a top priority at the NAB. Identifying, coaching, and training the next generation of leaders—whether they are age 22 or 72—will help our churches and mission fields to flourish for the glory of God for decades to come.

Join us for the next Leadership Teleconference on Tuesday, May 7, 2013, starting at 10:00 a.m. (PST). Our next book for discussion is Deep Mentoring: Guiding Others on Their Leadership, authored by Randy Reese and Rob Loane.

The publisher of the book, IVP Press, summarizes the book this way:

This book is designed to help you know better how to come alongside others as a guide and a friend, to invest in their spiritual formation and leadership. If you want long-term impact on the lives of future leaders, how you guide must be as important as the content you impart. Only then will you see lifelong change and empowerment in those you mentor.

Randy Reese and Robert Loane show you how to make the most of the crucial ministry of mentoring. They offer a biblically grounded approach that draws on the research and teaching of Bobby Clinton as well as their own experience in resourcing churches and Christian organizations.

Register for this free teleconference at:


Everyday Church
Nearly fifty NAB churches have signed up to pilot an NAB initiative revolving around the book Everyday Church. You can still join us in this exciting journey of missional engagement in the upcoming year with a host of other NAB churches. In 2012, Tim Chester and Steve Timmis wrote a book based upon 1 Peter that is a great tool for helping your congregation learn to live life and serve others at the margins. The writing is theologically sound and very practical. To accompany this book, usable resources have been created for churches across Canada and the U.S. For more information, please contact Cam Roxburgh, NAB’s Vice President of Missional Initiatives, at or 778-863-4471.


Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of the North American Baptist Conference recently met over three days for their regularly scheduled meeting. Their agenda included significant preparations for the annual General Council meeting that will occur at Lincoln Hills Community Church in Lincoln, CA, on May 16-18. 

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