NAB UPDATE - May 2, 2013

Recently, the NAB’s Women’s Ministry Leadership Team met at the International Office in Roseville, CA, for the annual meeting. Below is a short summary of the highlights of the meeting by Moni Nickel. Please pray for the Women’s Leadership Team and for various women’s ministries in churches throughout the NAB.


The Women's Ministry Leadership Team had a wonderful time meeting together at the NAB International Office for our Annual Meeting from April 11-13. We are so grateful for Caryn Young, Administrator of Ministry Outreach, who gave us a warm welcome to the sunny Roseville area, and helped with the arrangements of our meeting in the NAB Board Room, so our time together could be focused on planning and setting goals for the Women's Ministry. Some of the main points of our meeting included:

  • transition of team members - Moni Nickel and April Zimmerman completed their terms on the WMLT and Jan Koger and Jean Ewing (new Chairwoman) began serving their 3 year terms

  • other team members are Heather Senges, Karen Bieber-Guillory and Andrea Blaylock

  • met with Norm Poehlke and Dan Hamil to keep our work aligned with the greater picture of NAB's "NEXT" directives, appeals, and mission

  • discussed criteria of WM Grants and Projects as falling under the points of the WM Mission Statement: 1) to encourage 2) to equip 3) to provide resources ... for women to passionately live out their faith, wholly surrendered to Jesus Christ

  • further develop established resources such as: e-Java bimonthly 
    e-newsletter, WM Yearly Theme, webpage and Facebook communication tools, participation in Ladies Retreat events across Regions

There was a lot to cover during our day and a half together. Our time was very productive with a sweet spirit of cooperation and a desire to draw the women of NAB together in our worship and service of our Lord. 

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