NAB Update - September 10, 2012

Greetings from the NAB International Office!

I am guessing the focus for many of us has already shifted to fall ministries… cooler weather… pumpkin spice latte’s… audit... well, maybe not the audit, but that is the reality for some of us.

Audit season has arrived yet again for NAB staff! September 1st launched us into a brand new financial year, but unfortunately the transition does not just happen that quickly. The coming weeks will be focused on year-end closing procedures, including final gift posting, expense processing, reconciling accounts, and assembling unbelievable amounts of documents for the auditors. For the first time in over eight years we have a new audit firm, so this year will be more time intensive as we bring the new auditors “up to speed” on NAB and our operations.

Apart from the audit, various other great ministry opportunities are approaching. Please join us in praying for the following:

Norm Poehlke and Dr. Dana Goodnough, Sr. Pastor at Pittsford Community Church, Pittsford, NY will be launching a three-year leadership training commitment in Brazil. The EQUIP resources have seen enormous success around the world and now will be introduced to pastors and leaders of the Brazilian Baptist Convention in the state of Rio Grande du Sol. Please pray for Norm and Dana as they kick off this exciting leadership journey with our friends in Brazil.

Dr. Rob McCleland and Tony Dunaway will be in Russia (Khabarovsk and Vladivostok) late November to continue training pastors and leaders who are so very passionate about growing in their leadership.

Cam Roxburgh and Dan Hamil will be connecting with many of you during regional association meetings throughout the fall and into the coming year.

I want to take just a moment to express heartfelt thanks and appreciation from everyone here at NAB to a great friend and colleague, Phil Bailey. Many of you who have been served by Phil over the years know first-hand what a tremendous gift he has been to the NAB. Phil ended his service with us on August 31st. We will absolutely miss Phil’s wonderful spirit and servant’s heart! Please pray for Phil (and Jane too) during this transition. Phil will work part-time for the NAB Foundation as he continues to seek direction from the Lord regarding future service opportunities. Caryn Young will be assuming many of the responsibilities previously handled by Phil, so feel free to contact Caryn at

Blessings to you! Thanks for your generosity to the NAB… and thanks for praying for us!

Tony Dunaway
North American Baptists 

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