NAB Update - September 10, 2013

Last week on September 4, Golgotha Baptist Church, an NAB church near Tacoma, Washington, was devastated by a fire. According to the pastor of the church, Pavel Sandu, the building was “totally destroyed.” According to The New Tribune, an arsonist allegedly told local police authorities that he “broke into the church and gathered paper, plastic, and a picture frame and set them ablaze," in what became a three-alarm fire that razed the building.

Dr. Rob McCleland, NAB Executive Director, is calling on all NAB churches to participate in a compassionate love offering to help meet the immediate needs of our sister NAB church. Each NAB church is encouraged to take a special offering or give a gift for Golgotha Baptist Church on Sunday, September 15. In communicating to the NAB Regional Ministers, Dr. McCleland wrote, “Can you imagine all that they are going through right now? Just think, if each of our churches gave $125, that would be a $50,000 gift to help them.”

This church of nearly 350 people moved into their church building last year, after saving for a decade to purchase the facilities. Following the loss of the building, Calvary Baptist Church—a local NAB congregation—graciously opened their facilities to the Golgotha Baptist congregation. But the immediate needs of the Golgotha congregation are still many.

Rick Weber, NAB Regional Minister for the Northwest Region, stepped in immediately to provide encouragement and support for Pastor Sandu and the church family. Other pastors from the region drove to the church immediately following the fire to pray with the church family and provide care. In a conversation with Rick, Pastor Sandu communicated that he “felt cared for and not alone.”

Just hours after the fire, Pastor Sandu wrote:

"Thank you all for the great support and the gracious offers of space and help. I came home around 8 pm, I had been at church with many of my brothers since 1 in the morning. Before leaving the church, we sang a song thanking God for all the wonderful things He brings in our lives . . . Please continue to lift us up in prayer, as we face a long process, equally consuming in time, money, and emotions. We are confident that God has His perfect plan and we pray that His name only will get the glory from this difficult situation."

We are asking that all NAB churces would consider Dr. McCleland's challenge of giving at least $125. Please join the entire NAB family in providing financial support to meet the immediate needs of this congregation following the loss of their building. 

To give from the US please send contributions, and make checks payable, to North American Baptists, 1219 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Roseville, CA 95678. 
Reference Golgotha Church in the memo line of your check.

To give from Canada please send contributions, and make checks payable, to North American Baptists, PO Box 57235, Station A, Toronto, ON M5W 5M5, Canada. Reference Golgotha Church in the memo line of your check.

To give online go to

On behalf of Golgotha Church we want to thank you for your prayers and financial support!

Dan Hamil 
Vice President of Ministry Advancement

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