NAB Updates

Philippines Typhoon
The North American Baptist Conference continues to receive financial gifts through our Disaster Relief fund to help victims of the Philippines Typhoon. $10,000 has already been earmarked to help those devastated by the storm. Our ministry partners at the Bicol Center for Christian Leadership are safe and already themselves providing water and clothing to those in need. Please read more and find ways to give at

Golgotha Church Fire Updates
On October 26, Rick Weber, NAB Regional Minister for the Northwest Region, and Dan Hamil, NAB VP of Advancement, presented checks to Golgotha Baptist Church to help the church with immediate expenses incurred after an arsonist completely destroyed their church facilities. The NAB family provided over $50,000 in an outpouring of love and generosity to care for this unique NAB congregation.

Pastor Pavel recently forwarded a thank you letter from the church. Please read it and be assured that your gifts have reminded all of us what it means to be a family of churches who support and bear the burdens of each other.

At this time, Golgotha has no further immediate financial needs. Checks received by the NAB International Office for Golgotha will be credited to NAB’s “Disaster Relief” fund that allows us to help others in crisis situations. 

Dan Hamil
Vice President of Ministry Advancement
North American Baptists, Inc.

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